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Building a new home can be a complicated process and one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when you’re in the market for a new home is selecting the right home builder for your needs and the type of home you’re looking for.

Here are a few steps that you can take to avoid costly problems and unsatisfactory results.

  1. Define your needs.

Think about what size, type and price range you’d want your home to be. Do you want a traditional, Mediterranean, or Contemporary home?

Most builders specialise in certain types of builds and it would be very advantageous for you if your builder specializes in the style you want.

You also need to think about your budget. Begin with what you can afford and when you’re ready to get down to details, include everything that will go into the project: the cost of the land, local fees and taxes, design and engineering fees, construction of not just the home but the landscape, plus furniture and decorating. You should also make sure to add in a healthy contingency fund. As with any complex project, things will happen, and the road from point A to point B will have a detour or two. Make sure that these little side trips won’t send you over the edge.

  1. Look for references.

Ask for – and check – references from past home buyers. References and testimonials from satisfied clients are a great way to know that the builder is diligent and thorough in their work.

  1. Verify the builder is licensed and adequately insured.

Apart from word of mouth, check with HIA (Home Industry Association) MBA (Master Builders Association) and Department of Fair Trading and confirm if the builder is licensed, has any complaints against him or if he has been involved in any contractor related legal actions. Under no circumstances should you consider an unlicensed builder or a builder who does not have home warranty insurance.

  1. Check for warranty and service.

Does the builder offer a guarantee on a large scale job? If it is a new build you will need a guarantee on the property. Find out what the local industry standard is for a home warranty.  If your builder doesn’t offer at least the average warranty, find a different builder.

  1. Look for detailed prices.

When tendering for a project, look for the most detailed explanation of the price and also a consistency when comparing multiple quotes.  If there is a stand out low or high price for the same job, it shouldn’t be considered.

  1. Tour model homes and/or homes this builder built for past buyers.

Tour a furnished and decorated model home that’s open to the public or a home the builder constructed for a past buyer that you visit by appointment. Pay careful attention to the look, feel and quality of the home.  Look for signs of quality construction and attention to detail when you visit these homes and also check building products that the builder used. Make sure that they are brands with well-earned reputations for quality.

  1. Check the contract.

Beware of builders that have contracts with a long list of estimates and TBA’s. Your contract should outline exactly what work is to be done, the start and completion dates, security, safety, the cost of the work and materials, payment plans, catering and lavatory arrangements, hours of work, as well as cleaning up and the disposal of waste materials.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to selecting a quality builder who’s a good fit for you, your needs and the new home you’ll be building together.

We, at Built By La Sala are committed to building homes that offer affordable luxury and are admired as much for their aesthetics as for their exceptional value, comfort, and quality of craftsmanship. Contact us today and let us help you build the home of your dreams!

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